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My name is Taylar and I'm Colt's mom. My water broke at 21 weeks and he was born at 26 weeks. He spent a long, difficult time in the NICU and PICU for 296 days before coming home with a trach, vent dependent, oxygen dependent, and g-tube dependent. He had a COMPLETE oral aversion. Even the thought of anything touching his mouth would cause him to wretch.


Janee was our first speech therapist when we came home and had therapies set up through a company in Dallas. Over time as she gained his trust, he began to allow her to touch his mouth, eventually letting her put toys in his mouth. Their friendship began at that time and doing oral activities finally became "FUN"! She got him to take a few bites of puree before we unfortunately lost her services due to her company's change in insurance providers. We were devastated. We met many great speech therapist afterwards but unfortunately none were quite as successful as Colt's, "Miss Nae" as he calls her.

We were fortunate enough to be able to pay her out of pocket for some sessions from a fundraiser we did here and there. Then she relocated to a local therapy business and we were able to get her full time again! There, Colt began eating full nutrition by mouth. While we were unable to be a part of The SPOT family because Colt ultimately tested out of the speech program, we are BEYOND grateful for everything Janee has done for us. We would highly recommend her for any difficult cases. Just when we thought we'd have to be a part of the g-tube life forever, she gave us hope and a freedom we never could have imagined! Thank you "Miss Nae"!!


"THE BEST PLACE!!!! I have been going to the spot with my oldest son for over 2 years. The staff is very knowledgeable and helpful any way they can be. We love the owner/ operator. There is no better therapy place in Bryan County that compares to this place." - MM

"My son has been under their care since they opened. I have seen them grow, adding more therapists to serve all the children in need. Every single person in that building is always so polite, nice, friendly, and have a personality that puts children at ease. I have always had all of my questions regarding my son's care answered quickly and thoroughly explained. I appreciate all the help they have given my son and myself." - KM

"My son goes twice a week for speech, occupational, and physical therapy. He loves coming here! He thinks he comes here to play.
As soon as we walk in he receives a big welcome. They make the kids feel important and it's cute how the kids smile overtime they see their therapist come out. They are very organized. A lot of moms come and wait in the waiting room with their babies or toddlers. I use this time to relax lol
Put some toys for my baby.. toddler goes in... I'm in peace. Other moms that come are nice too.

My son has also improved so much! They give me tips for me to use at home as well and it does help a lot." - DA

"We are extremely grateful to be able to bring several member of our family to one location. Every member of this team is very loving and compassionate to every child's need. We love the positive atmosphere as we are at The Spot for a big portion of our day. 100 % recommend The Spot to anyone." - SP

"I love all the worker's there. They are fantastic and caring people to be around and to be taking care of my foster son. My foster son loves them and does very well with them. I would recommend them to everyone." - TP

"The S.P.O.T has been a huge blessing to my son and our whole family! I never thought I would be able to find a place that every employee is so sweet! My son has so much more confidence in himself and looks forward to seeing Bailey and Courtney! -PW

"Both my boys go here! Oldest a a year and a half and youngest for a year. Older takes speech and occupational therapy! They have helped him so much just in 6 months he hardly talk and now he don't stop! My youngest had problems really pronouncing right and older still cant
pronouncing some right that's why we are still here though. They are very polite and so caring. Never had a problem with them since we been here." - SU

"The SPOT has helped my son tremendously. He started coming here over a year ago and was barely speaking. At 4.5 years old his speech and language has blossomed and he talks all the time! They are the BEST ever!" -MP

"My daughter has occupational therapy here and has done so much better. They do an awesome job educating parents and working with the kids. She has met all her goals and about to graduate. -SP

"The spot has really helped my children. All staff are friendly and supportive of kids and family’s. This is a very positive place my kids love to come . I can’t say enough positive about the spot. Thank you. " -MT
"Very Positive Workers there ,,omg when I first walked in we was greeted with smile we felt so welcome my son loves the therapist there Ll the girls are so sweet they always coming out with smiles and are so happy to see the kids ,which I'm sure is why my son is so comfortable and loves it there ..." -CW

"They have helped tremendously! My son loves to come to the Spot. They have given me very good advice and really work with your child." -RP

Great staff! My daughter has made amazing improvement with the help of her therapist!!! Highly recommend"

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